tar gjort en ”Top 10” lista av trummisar som sjunger, Peter Criss kom på en hedrande fjärdeplats.

During rock and roll’s glorious history thus far, it’s remarkable how few drummers have served double duty as lead singers. So uncommon is the phenomenon, in fact, that whenever it does happen, the sight almost smacks of novelty. In the list below, we profile 10 drummers who’ve also proven themselves to be superb rock singers. Please chime in, in the comments section, with thoughts about worthy candidates who we may have overlooked.

10. Levon Helm (The Band)

9. Ringo Starr (The Beatles)

8. Moe Tucker (Velvet Underground)

7. Micky Dolenz (The Monkees)

6. Phil Collins (Genesis)

5. Pete Rivera (Rare Earth)

4. Peter Criss (KISS)

Reportedly it wasn’t his drumming style, but rather his “Wilson Pickett-style” voice that gained Peter Criss entry into KISS as a founding member. Indeed, on such songs as “Black Diamond,” “Hard Luck Woman” and, of course, “Beth,” Criss stakes out vocal terrain that’s as exemplary as his skills at the drum kit. His autobiographical 2007 solo album, One for All, showcases all aspects of his multi-faceted talent.

3. Grant Hart (Husker Du)

2. Don Henley (Eagles)

1. Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Them Crooked Vultures)