Tidningen Rolling Stone tycker till om Ace Frheleys nya album Space Invader:


Space Invader +++

Gene Simmons has claimed that Ace Frehley doesn’t deserve to wear Kiss Kabuki clown paint, but the former Spaceman’s first solo LP in five years says otherwise. Sure, the guitars don’t always give off Frehley’s trademark flames, and there isn’t anything as catchy as his ’78 solo smash, ”New York Groove” – but Space Invader does have a carefree abandon that Kiss’ 21st-century LPs have lacked. It also contains any number of lyrics cringe-worthy enough for his old band (”You’re lookin’ so tight/I’m gonna make you feel just right,” from the lubricious ”What Every Girl Wants”). If anything, it’s all a bit more Kiss-like than Simmons might care to admit.

From The Archives Issue 1216: August 28, 2014