En ny PodKisst, PodKISSt #54: (Part 2) Rock The Halls

Join us for part 2 of our 2011 KISSmas celebration as we bring you a KISSterical audio adventure with an old-school twist! With a guest performance by Bill Starkey (founder of the KISS Army) and stellar visuals by Adam Black (KISS comic artist) along with the PodKISSt Players as KISS, it’s a KISSmas you won’t soon forget! Thanks to all who contributed and to you, our listening audience! See you in 2012, KISS Army! Happy New Year from PodKISSt, the KISS fanzine for your ears!

(Hey, KISS Army! You can follow along with this KISSmas adventure by clicking the links below and reading the comic strip as you listen to the rockin’ audio!)
PodKISSt #54: (Part 2) Rock The Halls