Då var det dags för en ny PodKisst, PodKISSt #47 It’s Alright!

If you’re a fan of Klassic KISS – particularly the 1978 “Paul Stanley” album – this is a PodKISSt you won’t wanna miss! Travel back in time to December of ’78 for a vintage interview with the Starchild himself. Plus, PodKISSt correspondent Travis Humbert brings us an exclusive interview with Craig Krampf, the legendary drummer (for Steve Perry, the Motels, Kim Carnes, Melissa Etheridge, and many more!) who played on side 2 of Paul’s 1978 album. And if that’s not enough, producer/songwriter Matt Walters checks in with another of his “Mainline” editorials! Tonight you belong to PodKISSt!

PodKISSt #48 - It’s Alright!