”Creatures of the Net” har släppt podcast nr 13, ämnet är ”Kiss Tribute Special”.

Thank you for tuning in to episode #13! This episode is a special dedicated to the fans with pation who turn lots of hard work into a labor of love. Since there are so many great KISS tributes out there all of us here at Creatures of the Net just sat around and named a few. Then came the idea. Why not take the best KISS tributes and give them a tip of the hat for all of their hard work!? In this great two part special you will hear features on KISS impersonators, podcasts, fanzines, tribute band, and much more! Not to mention some very cool songs, and great discussion from hosts Saphire Tillmon and Cassius Morris. So sit back and enjoy the Creatures of the Net’s labor of love as the begin the quest to concur the world again!

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