En bit kisshistoria genom Jay Gilberts ögon:


Kiss Stories#2: The Reunion Tour 1996
The original members of KISS reunited in 1996. My friend Denny Anderson and I drove into Hollywood on our lunch hour to buy the best tickets we could get; second row center, for the Los Angeles Forum shows.

The day of the show arrived. We met up in the parking lot. I decided to try to get my camera in. I knew it was a long shot.

When we got to security I pleaded ignorance; “You can’t bring cameras in?” The polite security man said he’d check with his supervisor. As he did, Denny, who’d already passed through, said “Give me your camera.” Huh? “Give me your camera, I’ll take it in!” So I did.

The security guard came back with the bad news; “You’ll have to take your camera bag back to your car.” So I did. Knowing that Denny already had the camera inside the venue.

I came back minutes later and the same guard scanned my ticket and waived me through. I met up with Denny at our (second row) seats, with my camera!

The show started and I began shooting. Security immediately descended upon me shouting “You can’t have a camera in here!” So I stopped shooting… for a while.

It was film… it wasn’t a great camera. But i was happy to have a few shots of the reunion performance we’d waited so long for!”

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