har gjort en intervju med Gene. I intervjun berättar han att Kissology 4 kommer ut snart som innehåller, inte bara nytt material, utan även gammalt och förut ovisat material ifrån bl.a 1973. 

”It’s time to give back,” bassist Gene Simmons explains to, adding that KISS — which is also donating $1 per ticket to the Wounded Warrior foundation — hopes to show the youths ”that there’s another world out there besides Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers. It’s important for them to see how the big boys do it. There’s no tapes. There’s no background singers backstage. There’s no click tracks. It’s important for the kids to see that whatever you see on stage is real. We want to spread this. I’m insulted by any act that goes up there with dancers and tapes. It’s insulting.”

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