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Eric Singer KISS ARMY exclusively for CHILE

”I’m sure it will definitely be back to South America”

Eric Singer has certainly had a very busy year 2011. KISS tours North America with ESP in Europe and recording the new album KISS have maintained their busy schedule in recent months. Despite that Eric made ​​efforts to give the interview had already committed a few weeks, which was finally possible to the August 30, the date on which Eric took the time to talk with KISS ARMY CHILE from his home in Los Angeles. It was a relaxed conversation, just as he was being told all in KISS. Thanks to his willingness could learn more about the KISS drummer who arrived in 1991, after 20 years in the group (with the interruption of the reunion tour ) has earned the admiration and respect of all.

How was the tour on Noth America? Is it still funny and exciting to go on tour or it’s more to hard work?

It’s a combination. It’s always fun and always hard work. As a musician most people think it’s easy because they come to concerts and the group on stage and say ”Oh it looks great, should be fun,” but forget the other 22 hours a day where We should be preparing, planning the shows, sometimes with many problems, often without much sleep. What I say is that it is much more than what people see, especially in a group like KISS where the days are very long and hard work, a lot of preparation to show each member individually by the time it takes to put on makeup, costumes and be prepared. It’s a long day every time we have a show.

But do you enjoy in When You Are Tour?

Yes of course. The only time I do not like is when I’m sick because I can not take the day off when I’m sick. If I am sick I have yet to do the concert, which is a problem. So the only time I do not like is when I feel good.

Is the set list all entre an agreement? Because I ask Tommy sings ”shock me” and you sing ”Beth” When you have ”When Lightning Strikes” and ”All for the glory” that excellent fit for Both of you.

They all give their own ideas about what we do in KISS, but you can not have four people trying to make decisions together, someone has to make the final decision will be all about the shows, how many shows do, where we will tour say what will be the set list, costumes and all that stuff. Although we are a very open minded and very democratic someone has to be the leader to make the final decision on most things and usually that person is Paul. Gene and Paul are the leaders and the leaders but for me the real leader, always listen to or watch as Paul does things is because I think he has the best understanding of what is best for KISS KISS and what is it KISS invented it. They started the band together but I think Paul has a better sense of what is best for KISS.

Do you think the KISS fan That on the United States is more ”conservative” that the fans of the rest of the word? Because I ask in South America too likes ”dark and heavy songs” like songs of Creatures of the Night, Revenge or Carnival of Souls.

KISS began with the four original members and no one can never try to deny it or even discuss it. Gene, Paul, Peter and Ace were created and did what KISS is today. There would be no KISS without the four original members and what originally made famous KISS and attracted attention was the music created in the seventies. The great thing is that the group is still making new music now and is doing great shows almost forty years later and this is a unique thing.

What’s the challenge at This Point of KISS recording career When You Are a new album?

I think the greatest challenge for any band, and I know that KISS is what you want is to make the best music and the best record we can. Many times you can look back to other disks and you can say, well I do not like this much or that I like, but when you’re making the record you think is the best thing to do and try to make the best album you can and that’s all you can try to do. One of the things I know about this new album as well as Sonic Boom, is that we are all making a team, but what we enjoy is that we are relaxed. No pressure, no one is trying to compete with other bands, that is we are doing a KISS album. And it is the music of KISS style when trying to compete with any style of music that is trendy or other bands, because there is no reason to do that since KISS has survived and stood the test of time and that just being KISS is what we are doing now. We recorded 12 songs, all bases are made, I finished the batteries last Saturday, we return to the studio tomorrow to work on vocals, guitar solos and stuff and continue to work on the disc until finish. We have no pressure of time when you have to be finished, so this will be finished when you decide and that will be released when that will be next year, not sure when but it will be in 2012. Work full time to cruise for KISS fans in October. What we can assure the fans that go to the KISS Cruise can expect to hear more unusual and rare songs, songs that usually does not touch live KISS. Paul said it was time to play those songs, those of which fans say ”We want to hear more those rare songs that usually do not touch.” Paul said this is the time to play them because they will be the toughest fans in the Cruise KISS. In a regular concert of KISS fans are not only hard but the regular fan base so we have to play more hits and most familiar songs. I think all that go to the KISS cruise will be very happy when they see the songs we’ll play.

You sing a song in this album.

If a song and Tommy, too. As I had already recorded 12 songs but will not know how many songs on the album, can be 12, 11 or 10 I do not know yet because we choose when we finish all the songs. There the group will decide which will be on the disk, so 10 or 12 songs I do not know yet. But we recorded 12 songs.

Do you have the name of your song?

No, even I have not. What I know is that Gene and Paul and talked about the album is called ”Monster” and some of the names of the songs but do not forget that we are still working on anything new disk so things can change. The title of a song that we now have in another may change if other ideas about the lyrics of the song. I’m sure everyone will be very surprised with the new album is very good, it’s great, very cool riff and murderers. Not that this album is a bit like this or that because people say ”Oh, they always say it will be like a new Destroyer or another Revenge” or things like that, but for me it is a combination of things. Has much of the essence because Revenge is definitely heavier than Sonic Boom, with even stronger riff. We’re playing better, very comfortable. This is the second album we do with this training and are more comfortable because as I said we have no pressure, all we are doing well. For me to make these last two albums with KISS albums are the easiest I have ever worked because there has never been any pressure, we’ve just made ​​music we play, we test our ideas, we recorded them, had fun and enjoyed it. This was supposed to be making music is supposed to be a beautiful thing, should be fun. It’s serious and hard work but it should be fun because that is music.

You’ve been part of 3 KISS studio albums, in very Different moments of the band, and with Different Producers. Between Revenge Carnival of Souls and Sonic Boom, Which did you enjoy the most, and why?

Well, I enjoyed every experience because for me to be with great musicians and talented people is always fun. Revenge was special because we work with Bob Ezrin is a legendary producer of world-class, so for me it was a great experience and fun but it was also an honor because Bob has made ​​some of the greatest rock records we know. He has made ​​records with legendary Alice Cooper. Destroyer, Revenge and The Elder is also legendary, it may not be one of the best albums of KISS, but is legendary because it is one of the albums most different and unique. Bob has always had great ideas through the years and for me the most talented, the most fun and the best producer I’ve ever worked with. For me it was a great experience, I think it’s fantastic. That’s why Revenge was special. Carnival of Souls is a different kind of KISS album. I know many people have complex feelings about this album, I also I have. I think it’s a very good album. When you have a talented group of musicians making music always have a good result but I think when I look back, this disc is a real KISS. KISS for me is a group of Rock and Roll and that is more about fun and feel the music in rock and roll style and this album is darker, it is a rock and roll is a hard heavy dark and for me that is not KISS. KISS is a group of Rock and Roll from the beginning it was. Hard Rock Maybe sometimes, but not for me Heavy Metal and Carnival of Souls has good ideas in many areas but I do not sound like it is KISS. I think KISS is more about what we are doing now, what are Sonic Boom and Monster, because we are a band of Rock and Roll to the vein. We do not compete with other bands and do not try to make fashionable.

Gene said on an interview, you had a great concept for new costumes, what can you tell us About That?

I can not tell anything. We always talked about things we do in the shows, costumes, equipment battery, always talk about those things and ideas for upcoming shows because we know that if you KISS must be greater than all. The fans have expectations and want to see a great show for KISS is making a big show. We are looking for ways to do more things like KISS and so we thought. We have no plans yet, we are only talking but it’s a start. We are putting ideas on the table and then we will see what makes more sense and will work with them, but I’m sure will be surprised. There are ideas about things very cool KISS style we will do in the shows next year. New ideas such as the guitar solo and drums that Tommy and I do together. Such are the things we want to keep doing new things like that.

Do You Believe That Eric Singer (Not only ”The Cat Man”) is a Rock icon from the 90’s to the present, by Been A member of KISS?

Not me who decides such things, are the fans who decide such things. Fans decide who are the important figures who have the honors and who do not like. I just play the drums and look at from this perspective: I started very young to be a rock drummer playing in a band and always dreamed of being in a big group one day and I feel very blessed and fortunate to have made many of my dreams and that is how I look. I seek not other things are not important to me. I am honored and grateful to be part of something as special as KISS.

There Was a rumor That Would Kiss album and do one more Would end in 2014. What Do You Think About That?

I dunno, I think they are rumors, people do such things. I can tell you a story now and you’ll go tell everyone on the internet what you said and Eric Singer can be true or not, so I do not believe the rumors you know something? Rock and roll has no rules. We see people like the Rolling Stones that have proven to everyone that you can play as you want and for as long as you want. They do not accept rules. Each band makes its own rules about when to say ”no more”.

Which Will Be After your next professional step KISS?

I do not know, I do not think that far. Do you know what I think? Tomorrow I’ll be in the studio doing an album of KISS. That’s what I’m thinking. I always find it interesting that people ask questions about the past or the future but never want to talk about this, what is happening right now. What is happening is important: KISS is doing a new album and is a Monster.

If swing WAS Peter Criss, Eric Carr WAS power, Which is Eric Singer’s signature in KISS?

I do not know, that’s a decision for the fans, I do not decide these things.

Guess what? I like to think I’m a combination of both. When I play the oldest things I try to give an essence of old school and when I touch the other more powerful and heavier material try to do it in a dynamic and musical. In other words, I play for the song, I play for the group, do not play for myself. To make the sound play KISS, that way I do and play each song individually to make it sound the right way, the sound of me was, Revenge or all of them. I’ve never tried to be Peter Criss, I never tried be Eric Carr, do not believe in that, but I’ve always been very aware and respect that when I joined this group already had a sound and I try to play songs from KISS KISS style, not the style of Peter Criss, Eric Carr and Eric Singer Gene and Paul for leading the KISS sound so play the drums as they like and want, why I’m here. I do not think they would let me be the drummer if you do not play as they want. I think when you look back and see when I joined I used to play the craziest, double bass and stuff and I realized after a few years in the band that was not KISS. KISS is playing more for the songs and I started to play a less rapid, more basic, because music is not complicated KISS is rock and roll in the vein of AC / DC, is very simple. If you listen to the album MTV Unplugged can see at that point, before the reunion tour, I started playing songs in a slower, more basic, more traditional way of KISS. Many people say ”Why play so far? You do not often played this way, ”Yes I did, I forgot, if you see the MTV Unplugged watch me play the drums and say” You’re right, Eric does not play in a crazy, plays more simple ”and played for the songs and I decided that this is the best way for Kiss And you know something? I think Gene and Paul and I agree they are glad I did that because things had gone crazy because if you look at many things in the eighties KISS songs are too fast and not in the original manner in KISS used to make them, not as a band of Rock and Roll. It is my opinion and how I feel.

Was There one moment in particular you choose Which To Be A drummer and dedicate your life to Music and Rock?

I do not know if there was one particular moment but probably I have to say it was when I saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964, when a boy of 6 years. That was a tremendous impact on many musicians. When many people saw the Beatles on television for the first time as a child said ”I want to be John Lennon, Ringo Star I want to be” and I remember decided I wanted to play drums in a band like the Beatles.

But what is your favorite drummer?

My favorite drummer of all time is Buddy Rich, he is for me the most amazing and unique drummer of all time. There are many great drummers today but not as Buddy Rich. You can see their videos on youtube, there’s nobody like him and me is the greatest.

Which was the last album you liked and you heard, Beside KISS Albums?

The last album you hear is a group called Vintage Trouble, a group of Los Angeles, can view their videos on youtube. They have a new album and is their manager Doc McGhee. It is a great team because they have what many people want to hear rock vein and direct the very soul. They have a fantastic singer named Ty Taylor. Should you see this group. I really like.

There Was a rumor That Would Kiss do a South American tour This Year. Is your Plans in South America soon?

I do not know. You know something? I heard that we would at some point this year or early next year but now we’re finishing the album. When Monster is made on when plans will be on the market and the show will do, start the tour and decide where to go. I’m sure it will definitely be back to South America back when? I can not tell yet because I do not know.

Does the audience in South America Have something special? Several times I Have Listened That it is the MOST passionate audience of the world.

I think that’s true. I think the people of Latin America and South America is very passionate and emotional about things they like about life. And one thing they have is to show that passion in their lives and are very open to express it, have no shame in expressing it. In other cultures people are more reserved and keep their emotions locked up but the South American countries express their feelings. Every time a band of South America will be impressed with the performance of the public because they can not believe that the public is so not only crazy, but passionate and show and feel. I think it’s a great and beautiful thing that you offer the world.

Do You enjoy to come to South América?

course. Like I said, people who have never gone before becomes very surprised and saying ”They’re crazy and have lots of energy.” You can feel the energy on stage that energized the public and to groups. It is very unique.

You have been two times in Chile, in 1994 and 2009. In Fact tomorrow aniversay September 1 is the first time 17 of the KISS That play in Santiago. What do you remember of the shows?

I’m trying to remember where we play. ¿We played a great train station?

Yes. remember that the public was very enthusiastic, the place was a beautiful old train station. I was shocked.

And of 2009. Do you remember something of that?

remember standing outside the hotel with Gene, and people sang. It was nice. Everyone made ​​us feel very special. I also remember a ride out and see that there were many Audi cars and very cool things around, of course Sturbucks.

And do you remember something but not About the show?

not remember anything in particular but I remember well that in 2009 the fans sang for us, I have a video of it. I think it was ”I was made ​​for lovin ’you” or ”Rock and Roll All Nite” I do not remember. Gene and I were sitting outside a coffee or breakfast on a patio and people were around, was very good.

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I really want to return to Chile, I thought it would be sooner but I know we’ll get there eventually. Will our hard MONSTER, I know you like it, have a monstrous sound and I know that when we return with a new show and new songs from the new album we will all have something to celebrate as KISS.

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Acknowledgements: Bruce Kulick, Felipe Carvajal, Jaime Toro

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