Metal Express Radio har gjorde nyligen en intervju med Bruce Kulick angående hans senaste skivsläpp BK3. Många här har säkert redan läst  en eller flera recensioner av albumet, så jag lägger bara upp de delar av intervjun som innehåller KISS relaterade frågor.

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Probably the most notable name on your guest list is Gene Simmons.  How did he become involved?

I always had a fantasy of Gene being on the album.  I just had the guts with Eric Singers encouragement to ask Gene and he said yes right away so I was really happy.  I have a really good relationship with Gene and Kiss hadn’t recorded anything at that time since Psycho Circus and the song on my album was very different to what was on that record and also on Sonic Boom which has just come out.  I think mine is more of the Revenge or Carnival of Souls style.  It was really exciting for me.

 When you asked Gene did you think that his son Nick was going to do a vocal too.  What happened there?

Gene offered me Nick very quickly and I knew that he had aspirations as a singer.  He sounds quite like Gene too and he does a fantastic job on “Hand of the King”.

It’s good to see your old mate Eric Singer showing up too. It must have been good playing with him again?

He did a great job on the “Animal” track and he’s been very supportive and he pointed me in the direction of Tobias Sammet too.  It’s always a pleasure working with Eric, he’s a great guy.

 Were you not tempted to get Gene and Eric to play with you on one song like in the old days?

Yes, what was ironic about that, was that the original song that Tobias sang on had the working title of “Gene Rocker” and we thought Eric could play drums and we’d get Gene into it.  He liked but he wanted to take it in a whole different direction and for me I’d already cut the drums, the bass and guitars and I had the vision as to what the song should be and I just didn’t like where Gene was going with it so we decided to write something brand new.  Eric was so funny about it, he was like “What d`yer mean, Gene’s not singing that one?!!”  He didn’t know the creative process that I was working on and Gene was trying to turn it into something completely different.  I think he’s pretty damned happy that Tobias is singing on that song.

 Did you think about asking Paul Stanley to take part too and have a Revenge reunion?

I didn’t want to make it a complete Kissfest  but to be honest it’s very ironic that you mentioned his name.  You said earlier that you liked the solo on “Hand of the King” well that was played on a Paul Stanley Ibanez PS10 from 1979 so that’s something of a tribute to Paul on that.  It’s a vintage model and when I told Paul about it he was really flattered as he thinks those guitars are great.  When we were picking the guitar to play on that we were looking for the one with the best sound and all the arrows were pointing to that Ibanez.  So in a very oblique way Paul is there.

Your guitar playing seems to show a greater degree of versatility than say during your Kiss days.  Do you feel that your playing style was more restricted in Kiss?

Well, throughout the years I was able to showcase a lot of different styles with Kiss, from “Unholy” to “Forever” which are both very different but when you are doing a solo record I do like to be able to edit and choose and since the material will be a total reflection of my thing then I think that always gives you a better opportunity to show what you can do on the guitar with the technique, the melody and the tones and textures.  Certainly on some Kiss albums it needed only a certain tone from me  but here I can play around with different guitars that’s why the packaging shows lots of pictures of unusual guitars not just the typical Kiss looking guitars.

Do you have any plans to take a band out onto the road?

It’s possible.  There `s people who’ve reached out to me that I hadn’t heard from for a while so people are aware that I have something really serious that I’ve just put out so who knows. I’m trying to work that out but I’m also very busy as guitarist for Grand Funk Railroad.  If I can’t make it over Europe until November I think people will still know who I am and will want to come out.

 Will you be playing material from the whole of your career?

For the setlist I always like to do the era of Kiss that they don’t do. Now that I’ve got three solo records out there’s plenty of material for me there.  In Australia when I did some gigs back in December I had a great 20 song setlist.  I only had one BK3 songs in the setlist then but this year I’ll have more.  It’s pretty easy picking some Kiss gems from all the years I was involved.

Could you ever envisage a scenario, time permitting, where there are 2 versions of Kiss one with the make up and another with the Revenge line up playing the 80`s and 90`s material?

I would think that’d be a terrific line up of course and it would be really interesting but I wouldn’t expect the phone to ring as we wouldn’t be wearing the make up or anything and until a promoter comes up and says that they want a no make-up Revenge tour then it won’t happen.

Now that your new solo album BK3 is finally out what have you got planned for the coming year?

This is all about promoting BK3 and Grand Funk Railroad takes up about a third of my year so I still have plenty of time to do other stuff so hopefully I can play some shows with my own band too.