Fredagsmys igen, “Forever” från 1989, en klassiker. Läs mer om sången nedan:


HOT IN THE SHADE“Forever” was one of those interesting collaborations due to an unlikely pairing of Paul Stanley with Michael Bolton. Michael had been a member of Bruce Kulick’s pre-KISS band Blackjack and Bruce had continued to do session work with him throughout the 1980s. However, the combination of Paul and Michael was quite accidental. The two met while Paul was living at the Sunset Marquis Hotel, and they talked about writing a song together – so they went to Paul’s room and did just that. Bruce recalled, “I introduced Michael to Paul. Of course, Michael knew who Paul Stanley was but he had never met him. At the time, Michael was just starting to break as a solo artist and as a songwriter and Paul liked to experiment in writing with different people, so that’s how that happened. They got together in L.A. and wrote the song. I don’t think they’re buddies now or anything but it was a great co-write that became a hit for us. Michael once said that he’d love to write a big power ballad for KISS so there you go” (Metal-Rules).

While the Stanley/Bolton collaboration created the music for the song Paul had to finish the song by writing the lyrics. For the recording of the song Bruce played bass. According to Bruce, “Gene [Simmons] is a little heavy-handed and I cut the demo with Paul, and the demo became the record, really” (Lotring, Roger w/ Bruce Kulick, Starlog Official KISS Magazine #2, 1999). Paul has mentioned that he considers the vocal one of the most difficult in the KISS catalog. Due to the lack-luster performance of the album’s first single, it was decided to release this song as the second single in early December 1989, even though the band had just shot a video for “Rise To It.”

When the song was released as a single from the album it became KISS’ biggest charting single in the United States since 1976, reaching #8. The single managed to stay on the Billboard charts for 17 weeks also putting it second place in terms of longevity to “Beth.” While the single reached #18 in Canada and #38 in Australia it failed to make an impression in any other major market. Juggling the order of singles from the album, the band filmed a video for the song on the weekend of December 15/16, with director Mark Rezyka. The editing of the video was completed by January 3, and by the end of the month the single was released backed with “The Street Giveth, And The Street Taketh Away.”