Kiss har tillsammans med Simfy Live kommit överens om att de ska spela in samtliga konserter under Sonic Boom turnén. Detta har de att erbjuda:


There will be the option to buy the separate recordings on a 1GB USB stick, audio CD or as MP3 download.

Instead of the KISS Kollectors box, they are offering up the Gold KISS USB Stick. A 16GB USB KISS Gold stick (which is empty at first) will be available.

Fans can buy the Gold edition at any time even prior to the tour and then download the concerts of their choice onto the usb on a subscription basis.

There will be three bundle packages:

* 1 Gold stick plus 5 concert download codes.
* 1 Gold stick plus 10 concert download codes.
* 1 Gold stick plus (at least) 30 concert download codes (ALL European recordings).

The CDs will cost 20 Euros, the USB sticks 25 Euros.

Ni kan förbeställa USB eller CD:n här på Simfy Lives hemsida