KISS Kruise 3

The KISS Kruise III

KISS and Sixthman together can’t be stopped.  The inaugural KISS Kruise voyage united the KISS Navy to sail across the open seas.  The second adventure proved the strength of the KISS Navy once again, who rocked the boat with such intensity that the sea begged for mercy! It’s time to reunite the KISS Navy for The KISS Kruise III, as we navigate towards the shores of adventure!

This kruise is so hot, it’s even Hot in the Shade!  KISS Navy owns Halloween, and this year it’s no different.  The Norwegian Pearl is set to host the best Hallows’ Eve celebration in the world.  We’re sailing from October 28th – November 1st, so grab your face paint, your krazy costumes, your sunscreen and join us on board where we rock n roll all night and party everyday!