Den kände amerikanske TV-profilen Dick Clark har tragiskt gått bort. För oss KISS-fans kan vi tacka Dick för att han tródde på KISS readn 1974 och då lät bandet uppträda i hans show ”In Concert” och efter det har KISS och Dick´s vägar korsats ett par gånger genom åren. Så här säger Paul Stanley om hans bortgång:

”As a little boy I sat transfixed to our television every afternoon and Saturday night watching American Bandstand. Dick Clark was the face of rock and roll and it’s best ambassador. His decades of successes both in and outside of the music industry are unparalleled. He championed KISS when others turned away and was instrumental in breaking us through his show ”In Concert”. Through the years Dick was always available when I had a question or wanted guidance. Dick Clark was the rare exception who was a bigger person in real life than the public image or legend that was also to be his legacy. I will remember him with great respect and gratitude.”

– Paul Stanley