Welovemetal.com har gjort en jämförelse mellan Bruce Kulick och Tommy Thayer:

Bruce Kulick VERSUS Tommy Thayer

October 30, 2011, By Martell

Versus is a column that we have done in the past that was quite popular and something that I was asked to bring back. Basically what we do is take two albums, bands, or artists that are often associated with each other and compare them in a manner to see who has the most clout in the world of music. With a set of basic factors we hope to determine who or what has made the biggest impression with both the fans and the industry as a whole. Of course this is more opinion than fact, so feel free to call us out if were wrong:

Today were looking at past KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick and current KISS guitarist Tommy Thayer. Both men have made quite an impression over thier long careers, but head to head who stands the tallest?


Kulick (58) rose to prominance as the touring guitarist for the imcomparable Meatloaf in the late 70s, when Meatloaf was more of a veal loaf, but extremely popular with Bat Out of Hell. After that Kulick went on to play for the likes of Billy Squier in his hay day and than formed the popular Blackjack with a new found voice in Michael Bolton. From reading about those early days you have to feel that Kulick’s talent shone brightly no matter where he was.

Thayer (51) was featured in a big way when Black N Blue rose to prominance in the Glam scene. Thayer along with St. James were the most notable of the band and although they have several albums under their belt (2 produced by KISS Demon Gene Simmons) only the first 3 are highly regarded. The only real issue with Black N Blue is they went away as fast as they came. We all know the story; Grunge came – Glam died. Few died as fast as Black N Blue. Thayer went on to do behind the scene work for KISS including teaching Ace and Peter their parts for the reunion.

WINNER: Tommy Thayer – Black N Blue was a major hit and Thayer was a song writer and featured performer. Kulick was in some big acts, but never really rose to major stardom until his KISS gig.


Kulick was the first performer to use his real name on stage and he never wore make-up of any kind during his 12 year tenure (84-96) with KISS. He came along after St. John and is featured on over 20 KISS releases and has credits on literally millions of albums sold. Cited as someone who elevated the musical talent of KISS can also go along with the many accolades that Bruce earned during his time with the legendary band. Being the man during the no make-up time was a career maker and has started enough comparisons that if I had the balls I could compare Kulick to Ace himself.

Thayer was given the job in 2003 as the new “Spaceman.” Mimicing Ace’s style and look Thayer became the character that people wanted to see. Thayer had been with the band since 94 doing session work and some fill in on stage, but he will always be associated with putting on the make-up and being Ace. This has caused a lot of animosity for Thayer as people feel he is just replicating a tired act. Although the argument for that can be Thayer’s contribution to the last album Sonic Boom and his participation on the work of the new recordings, Monster.

WINNER: Bruce Kulick – the accolades Bruce received for his work with KISS will aways be the defining moment of his musical career. Kulick is still friendly with the band doing appearances and had the chance to be his own man; where as Thayer is expected to play a role.


Kulick has had a successful and on going career after leaving KISS. To name a few we have Grand Funk Railroad, his three successful solo albums, continued work with Micheal Bolton, Union, and one of my personal favorites: ESP (Eric Singer Project). Kulick’s latest album BK3 even cracked the top 50 in the US. Bruce has proven he is more than the axe man of KISS.

This might be unfair because of course Thayer is still with KISS, but I bring it up because I wonder where his career can go from here. Black N Blue has tried their comeback without Tommy and I don’t know if his name is marketable enough due to the fact that he would have to say: was the Spaceman from KISS, but not the real one. I’m sure he is fine riding the KISS train, but the creative juices must be flowing for something different.

WINNER: Bruce Kulick – Kulick has had a career after KISS that most musicians would dream of. He has stayed prolifick and proven that he is so much more than the music of Simmons and company.


Bruce Kulick as stated above has been credited with elevating KISS and his work is highly sought after on stage and in the studio. His credits on song writing, playing, and vocals are unquestionable.

Tommy Thayer must have great skill to be able to reteach the originator of the music in Ace Frehley. I have seen Tommy live and he does Ace perfectly, and it was awesome. Problem was he was doing Ace perfectly, not himself. I have to wonder if he gets a chance to show off his real skill level.

WINNER: Bruce Kulick – this category was fairly easy. Bruce has a proven track record chronicled in music history. Tommy is playing a character thats accomplishments are chronicled.


The obvious winner of this VERSUS battle is Bruce Kulick. I am a major fan of both men, but looking back I should have figured that someone who has forged his own creative path is going to win over someone that is playing a role and bottling up his creativity. You have to wonder if the tables were turned would Bruce still come out on top?

Metal on, Martell