Här är del två av intervjun med Vinnie Vincent Invasions trummis Bobby Rock.


KF: That kind of segues into the inner controversy surrounding the band during ”All Systems Go.” You have been quoted as saying ”the writing had been on the wall” following the recording of the album and that Mark was having his leaving-member option picked up by Chrysalis Records while the Invasion was still on the road in support of the album. Can you recapitulate what was going on with the band at this time?

BR: Once the recording was done, things began to unravel a bit. We were searching for new management during the ultra-critical stages of a new record coming out…there was a lot of uncertainty — real or imagined — about Vinnie’s role in his own band, and a lot of subtle divisiveness that began to set in early on.

As I recall, though, the real line in the sand came about when the new manager guy began to set things up, financially and logistically, where the three of us — Mark, Dana and I — were more like sidemen than band members. So instead of having one cohesive unit where everyone — band, management and label — is on the same page, you had Vinnie and his manager (who would go on to do some pretty deceitful shit along the way) in one camp, the three of us (who probably didn’t handle things so great) in another, and the label (with their own hidden agenda) in yet another. It was a clusterfuck of epic proportions.

But ya know — not to get too philosophical on you — I’m sure you’ve heard that old fable about the six blind men standing around an elephant. They are all asked to reach out and touch the elephant, then describe what they think the elephant ”looks” like, based on what they ”feel.” The guy near the trunk says, ”An elephant is long and curvy, like a snake.” The guy near a leg says, ”No, an elephant is tall and thick like a tree.” The guy near the tusk says, ”No, an elephant is smooth and sharp, like a spear.” Then the guy near his side says, ”You’re all wrong. An elephant is just a huge mass, like a wall.” And so forth. Of course, they are all correct to some degree, based on their limited perceptions.


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