Nu ska vi rösta på bästa låtarna från ”Monster”,2012.

Ni får välja tre låtar. Röstningen avslutas den 11 november 2012 klockan 20:00.

Album Notes

Produced by Paul Stanley. Co-produced, engineered, and mixed by Greg Collins. Recorded at Conway Recording Studios, Los Angeles, CA; and the Nook Studios in Studio City, CA, April 16, 2011-January 6, 2012. Engineering assistance by ”Quiet” Matt Wiggers, Eric Weaver, Seth Waldmann, and Martin Cooke. Piano on ”Freak” by Brian Whelan. Mixing completed by March 2012.

Similar to ”Sonic Boom,” the band were going old-shool recording in analogue to 24-track tape through an old Trident board. Though this time they are using Endless Analog’s CLASP (Closed Loop Analog Signal Processor) system, ”which integrates analog tape machines into the digital audio production workflow, is allowing the band to use analog tape while tracking to Pro Tools in real time, opening up the sonic space of tape while providing the editing capabilities of the digital recording workspace” (KissOnline). The system marries the benefits of the warmth and sonic depth/characteristics of analogue with the conveniences that ProTools allows. 14 songs were recorded (of the 20-25 brought to the sessions).


Hell or Hallelujah

Wall of Sound
Stanley, Simmons, Thayer

Stanley, Thayer

Back to the Stone Age
Stanley, Simmons, Thayer, Singer

Shout Mercy
Stanley, Thayer

Long Way Down
Stanley, Thayer

Eat Your Heart Out

The Devil Is Me
Stanley, Simmons, Thayer

Outta This Worldl'

All for the Love of Rock & Roll

Take Me Down Below
Stanley, Simmons, Thayer

Last Chance
Stanley, Simmons, Thayer

Right Here Right Now
Stanley, Thayer

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