Ace om politik och musik:


Ace Frehley: Politics, Music Don’t Mix

Former KISS guitar slinger Ace Frehley loves to taunt his ex-band mate Gene Simmons. What Frehley won’t do, though, is blend politics with his chosen profession.

frehley spoke to the hollywood reporter about a number of topics while promoting his new CD Space Invader, including his combustible relationship with the KISS co-founder. But it’s what the guitarist said about music and politics which sounded both original and heartfelt.

I don’t think people in the entertainment business should get too involved in politics because it kind of blurs things. I want people to stay focused on my music, not because I don’t want people to kill animals for leather. [Laughs] The whole PETA thing. I’m not saying it’s wrong for other people, but my personal choice is no. Let’s stay focused on the music. I don’t want to be part owner of an [arena] football team. [Laughs] That’s Paul and Gene’s newest venture. The first thing that came to my mind [when I heard that] was, ‘Hey, what about the music? Why don’t you stay focused on the music?’ It just seems like they’re spreading themselves a little thin. Maybe you should focus on your records a little more and they’d be better. And you can quote that.

Simmons, though, clearly doesn’t mind talking politics. In recent months he’s been highly critical of President Barack Obama. Last week, he implored new immigrants to learn english in order to achieve the full American dream.