Då var det dags för en ny PodKisst, PodKISSt #47 The Voice of “Alive II” Speaks!

PodKISSt is coming at you for July 2011 with a fantastic new interview you won’t hear anywhere else! Ken and Mike got a chance to chat with the great Eddie Balandas. Eddie is known to the KISS Army as the booming voice you hear at the start of “Alive II,” and he was kind enough to share his insights from life on the road with KISS at the height of their 1970′s stardom! Plus you’ll hear details on an exciting new PodKISSt contest brought to courtesy of Man Raze (a hard rock trio from London featuring Phil Collen of Def Leppard, Simon Laffy of Girl, and Paul Cook of the Sex Pistols). The winner gets a kick-ass Ace Frehley poster and a coveted place in the hallowed halls of PodKISSt! So don’t delay… it ain’t a crime to be good to yourself!

PodKISSt #47 - The Voice of “Alive II” Speaks!