Här är en nyligen gjord Question & Answer (troligen via e-mail) med Peter Criss, och när man läser hans svar så verkar det som att  han har en bok på gång.

KISSFAQ: Peter, you’re a cancer survivor. Congratulations! Could you tell us how you discovered that you had cancer?
Peter Criss: It’s a long, long, story. I did a lot of press about it.

KISSFAQ: What was your reaction to finding out that it was breast cancer?
Peter Criss: ”Holy Shit!!”

KISSFAQ: How long did treatment take? Press articles mentioned surgery; did you need chemo?
Peter Criss: No, fuck no, thank God!!

KISSFAQ: Your cancer received quite a lot of press. What do you feel about the coverage?
Peter Criss: Very Good, but we need more.

KISSFAQ: That press (CNN) mentioned that your wife was also battling a form of cancer. We hope she’s also doing well.
Peter Criss: Thank you, she is.

KISSFAQ: Cancer also affected Eric Carr. Recently Ronnie James Dio was diagnosed with it and is undergoing treatment. Do you think that rock stars, as many from the 70s and 80s age, should use their publicity to heighten awareness?
Peter Criss: Yes.

KISSFAQ: Press coverage mentioned that you discovered the cancer in 2007. That was the year that you released your solo album, ”One For All.”? Did it impact any plans for publicity surrounding the release
Peter Criss: I found out after ”One For All.”

of that album?

KISSFAQ: In hindsight, what do you feel about the album?
Peter Criss: I am proud of it. A lot of work!

KISSFAQ: It’s apparent you put a lot of heart and effort into the album; do you have a favorite track?
Peter Criss: ”Last Night,” ”Hope,” ”Send In The Clowns.”

KISSFAQ: Considering KISS, I’d always loved the idea of ”Send In The Clowns” being covered, so I was thrilled when you did so (thank you!). What lead you to cover this song?
Peter Criss: Leaving the band.

KISSFAQ: Is it correct that ”Hope” was rejected from KISS’ ”Psycho Circus?”
Peter Criss: Yes.

KISSFAQ: What other material did you submit for that album that was rejected?
Peter Criss: Tommy and I wrote a song for ”Psycho Circus.”

KISSFAQ: Sum up what ”Psycho Circus” means to you (now that it’s common knowledge what a fiasco that album was):
Peter Criss: A fiasco!

KISSFAQ: I love the sentiment of ”Faces In The Crowd.” What is your overall impression of being up there behind your drum kit looking out at the crowd? Sum up any emotions.
Peter Criss: The luckiest man in the world. Blessed!

KISSFAQ: You’ve been recording with Mike McLaughlin again, as you did for the ”One For All” album. Did you keep in touch with him after the reunion and what led you to reconnect with him musically after
Peter Criss: Always stayed in touch with Angel, I love his playing; we work well together.

you departed KISS?

KISSFAQ: How about other former members of CRISS? Do you stay in touch with any?
Peter Criss: Mark Montague.

KISSFAQ: Pre-dating CRISS, we lost Mark St. John in 2007. How did you hook up with him musically?
Peter Criss: That’ll be in my book!

KISSFAQ: How would you sum up Mark?
Peter Criss: That’ll be in my book!

KISSFAQ: Any plans to ever release a version of the excellent Lee Michaels cover you recorded, ”Do Ya Know What I Mean?” (It’s one of my favorites from the demos).
Peter Criss: Thank you, but no.

KISSFAQ: Speaking of KISS guitarists, there were reports in the late 80s (Kerrang) that you’d written with Vinnie Vincent. Any truth to that?
Peter Criss: Yes, we did write. I like him very much. Very talented guy.

KISSFAQ: Getting back to ”Angel,” he and Mark had their ”One Of A Kind” project that featured several CRISS-related songs, ”Golden Arm,” ”U Gotta Know,” and ”The Shooter/My Reality.” What can you tell us
Peter Criss: I wrote those songs along time ago with Mark Montague.I had nothing to do with his cd.

about these songs, the last of which CRISS performed live?

KISSFAQ: There are ASCAP registrations for songs such as ”Bohemia,” ”Cat Nap,” and ”Crossroads.” Do you have any plans for this material?
Peter Criss: Future.

KISSFAQ: Ace’s former guitarists, Richie Scarlet, reported last September, that he’d cut 10 songs with you, performing bass, for a rock oriented album. What are your current plans for any album release?
Peter Criss: Very soon?

KISSFAQ: How would you characterize the material?
Peter Criss: New for me.

KISSFAQ: What was your approach to the song-writing?
Peter Criss: Hard work, music then the words.

KISSFAQ: Have you used a producer or self-produced?
Peter Criss: Self-produced.

KISSFAQ: Richie mentioned that Angel was involved. Have you worked with anyone else on the project?
Peter Criss: NO

KISSFAQ: Speaking of projects, you recorded ”Space Ace” for your 2007 album. Have you heard Ace’s new album and if so what are your thoughts?
Peter Criss: I like some of it.

KISSFAQ: We’re nearly 10 years on from Eric Singer first donning your make-up. How does that passage of time affect your feelings towards something that you created and made famous?
Peter Criss: In the book!

KISSFAQ: Regardless of your non-involvement, how do you feel about KISS still being around 38 years after you first became involved with Gene and Paul?
Peter Criss: Good for Gene and Paul.

KISSFAQ: There’s a certain amount of confusion over the timing of both you and Ace joining G&P. Do you recall when your meeting at Electric Lady took place, and is there any truth to it occurring while
G&P were doing a Lyn Christopher session?

Peter Criss: In my book and a lot more books.

KISSFAQ: At some point KISS has to ”end.” How would you like to see the band end and would you like it to include yourself and Ace perhaps as a special ”one-off” originals show?
Peter Criss: The band KISS has ended the day Ace and I stopped playing with them.

KISSFAQ: What song does/did Peter Criss love performing the most, and why?
Peter Criss: Beth.

KISSFAQ: Are there any songs you strongly disliked performing?
Peter Criss: I Was Made For Lovin’ You.

KISSFAQ: Your 1978 solo album is often over-looked, or simply not strongly appreciated due to being different from the sort of material KISS was releasing. What led you to decide to use the pre-KISS
Peter Criss: In my book.

material on the album?

KISSFAQ: Tell us about the stunning ”I Can’t Stop The Rain?”
Peter Criss: One of my favourite songs. Sean Delaney wrote it for me.