En rapport från spelningen i Helsingfors:

ESP played an awesome gig last night here in Helsinki at Nosturi. They played a lot of Kiss stuff here and also some surprises and tributes to Dio and Gary Moore, we heard Long Live Rock and Roll and Shapes Of Things which were like tributes. Also there was a meet and greet party and soundcheck for 20 lucky people and Eric answered to our questions about the new album and Sabbath singers and so on.

He did not know anything about new album, so he could not answer anything about new songs, only that Gene has view demos already.

Here is the setlist:

ESP: Setlist last night at Nosturi:

  • Strutter
  • Live wire
  • Love
  • Unholy
  • No more mr. nice guy
  • Domino
  • Shapes of things
  • War machine
  • Jungle
  • Beth
  • God of thunder
  • I love it loud
  • Long live rock and roll
  • Killed by death
  • Black diamond
  • Stone cold crazy
  • Nothin to lose

Källa sakke73