Eric Singer intervjuvades nyligen av Rock Music där han bland annat pratar väl om konserterna här i Sverige. Läs hela intervjun här nedanför.

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Please welcome John Jeffrey as the newest contributor to Rock Music  John is the founder of the KISS Underground fanclub, which he began in 1987 and published over 40 issues of the KISS Underground fanzineand has been a long time friend to  With John’s vast and extensive KISSTORY if you will, it was a clear win/win situation to bring John aboard.  Look for John to bring us many KISS related exclusives in the months ahead.
To start things off, John’s first contribution to our site is an exclusive interview with KISS’ next generation ”Catman” Eric Singer.  If you’re not familiar with Eric Singer, aside from Gene Simmons, Eric is the most talkative member of KISS.  Our 15 minute time allotment turned into almost a 45 minute interview.  In order to bring you all of our conversation with Eric, we’ve split the interview into parts for your enjoyment.  Without further adieu, here is part one of our interview with Eric.

Hello everyone, this is John Jeffrey with Rock Music and today we have KISS drummer Eric Singer.
RockMusicStar: Eric, how are you doing? 
Eric Singer:  I’m good John.  How ya doin’?

RMS:  Good…good.  First of all, I wanna thank you for taking the time to speak with us, and I wanted to start out by (also) congratulating you on the completion of KISS’ highly successful European tour.  I followed the tour personally by listening to the Sim-fy – the ’Instant Live’ (type) – recordings, and I have to say, musically, you guys were really tight…..right on the money.  Were there any shows that stood out for you?
ES:  Well, i would say that there were some that stood out because of the circumstances.  For example, we played Stockholm.  We played the Olympic stadium, which is an outdoor stadium, and we played there 2 years ago (as well).  It was sold out to begin with, but it was actually oversold, we had 36,000 people.  It was a great show.  You know, like (with) many bands, sometimes you go to certain countries or certain cities and the band is just really big (or) bigger there – for example – in another city or country.  And there’s no rhyme or reason.  Nobody can understand why KISS is so huge in Sweden but maybe not so big….say – for example – in maybe…..I dunno…..let’s say Bulgaria or something, for an example.  There’s no rhyme nor reason for it.  Many times the countries are right next door to each other, or other cities that are close.  You could have a huge crowd in Dallas and then go to Houston the next night, and maybe not be as big.  And it’s the same state and not even that far apart.
That show (in Stockholm) was really great this year because the crowd was so young and so into it.  And I gotta give ’em credit.  It was like 50 degrees out, wind blowing, and raining during the show and all the people still stayed.  NOBODY left.  They sat there and (or) stood for 2 hours watching us in this wind and driving rain and stuff.  Of course we got on stage and trooped it out.  Those type of shows….that was difficult.  The next night was the same thing.  It was also really cold and windy onstage in Malmoe, and it was also a huge outdoor show.
I tell you one of the really big ones that stood out for me was the Rock Am Ring show.  Rock Am Ring we played on a Thursday night, which opened the first night of the four day (festival).  And we were the only band on there (on the bill) of any known bands.  There was a local German band on there, but I don’t even remember the name of them.  And we had over 80,000 people.  And it was just a fantastic crowd.  That was broadcast live on MTV (Europe).  So there’s actual DVD (quality) live footage of that floating around on the internet.  It may actually turn up on something in the future.  Maybe KISSOLOGY IV or another KISS product.  I don’t really know the status of that stuff.  I know some of those things are always in the works.  Where they’re at or when they’ll come out.  I don’t know.  My guess is that there will be hopefully something along those lines, by the end of the year – for the holiday/Christmas season.

But right now, we’re focusing on the task at hand, and that’s the US tour.  The ”Sonic Boom Over Europe” tour and the (previous) ”Sonic Boom In America” tour has now morphed into the ”Hottest Show on Earth” tour, which is the name of the new tour we’re starting on the 23rd of July.  As of now, there’s like 32 cities we’re going to play.  One of the shows is the Saulte Saint Marie show we had to cancel last year because of the (bad) weather.  We’re going to go back and do the right thing and make good on our word.  Go back and give the fans up there the show they unfortunately had to miss.  It should be a great run.  We’re gonna do a lot of outdoor shows, with a lot of cool things.  We have a lot of sponsorship tie-ins.  Dr.Pepper’s involved, along with 7-11.  They’re re-showing the ”Dr. Love” Dr.Pepper commercial, which they just started promoting, I guess in the last week or two.
Next week, we have the KISSTERIA special on A&E, which was filmed when we were in Australia a couple years ago.  That’s something that’s finally going to see the light of day.  It’s basically following us around on tour and there’s all kinds of little anecdotes, that are kinda funny.  It was kinda kooky, as all those type of ’reality’ shows are.  It was done by the same production company that does ”Gene Simmons Family Jewels.”  They (the production team) actually came out while we were on tour.  They hung out with us for a couple weeks and filmed A LOT of footage.  Behind the scenes, on the plane and all this stuff.  There’s gonna be more documentary stuff coming out in the future.

Stick around for pt 2 coming up asap!!!!